Ways To Improve Immunity With Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the most important of all the vitamins on the list. This vitamin is so powerful and effective on the human body that it helps to boost one's immunity even when you're down with a serious infection. Though there are medications over the counter which have properties of vitamin A, it is always better to consume foods which have the vitamin.According to a recent study, it is noted that vitamin A directs a key set of immune cells that protect the body from infection of the intestines. When you intake foods rich in vitamin A, it not only helps to increase immunity but also keeps cancer at bay, improves vision and also prevents signs of ageing. When your body lacks vitamin A, you begin to feel slight changes in the eyes like irritation and burning, and the skin begins to look patchy and discoloured.Here are some ways to improve immunity with vitamin A.

1.Meat: Rich in iron, meat is one of the best sources of vitamin A. A bowl of meat soup will provide you with enough nutrition necessary to build your immunity.

2.Kidney: Usually, organs contain a rich amount of vitamins, and one of them being vitamin A. Consuming a small portion of this organ fry once in a week is more than enough to build your immunity.

3.Liver: As mentioned earlier, organ meat contains vitamins and other beneficial substances. Liver is rich is iron as well as vitamin A to help boost your energy level.

4.Eggs: Egg white has protein and the yellow of the egg has a rich amount of vitamin A. This ingredient should be consumed thrice in a week to help build your immunity system.

5.Milk: Milk is a natural source for calcium, protein and vitamins. Consuming one glass of milk daily will be good for your bones, teeth and eyes too.

6.Cheese: Most dairy products contain vitamin A. To help improve your immunity, consume cheese which has low amount of calories.

7.Apricot: Apricots too have carotenoids and antioxidants and a handful of these give about 50% of the daily vitamin A requirement.

8.Leafy Veggies: Broccoli, spinach and other leafy veggies have vitamins A & K which are essential for you to consume once in a week. These foods help to improve the immunity when consumed in a juice form.

9.Pumpkin: Pumpkin is one food which is a high source of vitamin A. One serving of pumpkin will provide you with enough energy enabling you to boost your immunity.

10.Sweet Potato: Sweet potato is rich in all sorts of vitamins, but mainly vitamin A which helps to boost immunity and fight off infections.

These are the ways to improve immunity with Vitamin A.