Why You Should Not Put Toilet Paper On Toilet Seat

Most of us have the habit of covering the toilet seat's edge with a roll of toilet paper. Why do we do it? For protection. We think that that paper acts like a layer of protection and prevents all the bacteria and microorganisms from coming into contact with the skin.Experts claim that this practice increases the chances of getting exposed to the bacteria and germs.Here are some reasons why you should not put toilet paper on toilet seat.

Reasons why you should not put toilet paper on toilet seat are:

1.We generally assume that toilets are full of germs. That's actually true. But what most of us don't know is the fact that toilet seats are designed in such a way to keep away the germs. Observe the smooth surface of the toilet seat and the curvy-round edges. They are designed like that to prevent the germs from staying there.

2.Most of the germs present in the toilets may not be able to breed or multiply by just getting on to your skin.

3.Human beings will not fall sick just by using a clean toilet. If a public rest room is too dirty, avoid using it. A toilet paper can't save you but increases the germs that get into your body.

4.Our skin is the first barrier that acts like a wall between the world and the internal world. Your skin denies entry to many germs. Also, the types of bacteria present in the toilets are already in human bodies.

5.Though we consider toilets as the dirtiest places carrying germs, studies say that even your kitchen sink and the sponge that you use to wash dishes carry more germs than toilets.

6.More bacteria is found in the toilet paper, its dispenser, the door knobs and even hand dryers.

7.The surface of the toilet paper is favourable for bacteria to stay. That is why you should never use it to wipe your face, nose or other parts of your body. Germs may get into your body if you do so.

8.To avoid the germs, wash your hands with hot water and soap and rub them against each other for half a minute.

9.Carry your own tissue papers and use them when you go to a public toilet. Never use the hand dryer. And avoid touching the door knob. You can use your feet to gently push the door and enter.

10.And what about covering the toilet seat with toilet paper? No, instead, squat on the toilet so that your body doesn't come into contact with the toilet seat.

These are the reasons why you should not put toilet paper on toilet seat.