Ewan McGregor to star in "The Cow and I"

Actor Ewan McGregor will star in the remake of French classic tragicomedy "The Cow and I".

The new film, titled "The Cow", will be helmed by "World War Z" director Marc Foster and the script has been penned by Bill Prady, reported Variety.

The original film, released in 1959, followed a French prisoner of war in World War II forced to work on a farm in Germany who decides to escape by walking away with a cow.

In the English-language remake, McGregor will portray the role of Charlie Granger, an American pilot who joined the Royal Air Force during World War II, taking part in bombing runs over Germany.

When Grangers plane is shot down and he is imprisoned in a farm, his escape plan involves a fake pass and a cow called Marguerite. Together, the pair makes for France, which is around 200 miles away, trying to evade German soldiers, inhospitable terrain and an amorous bull.

"It’s a road movie in a sense and will have that pacing, and at the same time it is by nature comedic. The backdrop is the reality of a war, and they come across moments and circumstances that remind you of that. But their relationship is very humorous, intimate and emotional," Forster told Variety.