Best Indoor Plants

1.Angel Ivy Ring Topiary

This plant is the right one for you. Fast growing, lush green plant with seasonal bulbs and flowers – that’s the Angel Ivy Ring home. It is about a foot tall and eight inches round. This means it could easily sit on a coffee table between two sofa sets in your living room The best temperature for growing the Angel Ivy is between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and it just requires misting through a spray can, not heavy watering. Keep this plant next to a window slit so that it keeps getting faint light but no direct sun exposure. Also known as the wire vine, the Angel Ivy Topiary will provide a support to climbing plants.

2.The Braided Ficus

This indoor beauty looks full bodied because four or more of its stems are intertwined together to create a braided look. The leaves are a deep shade of green. Can you imagine what a soothing effect it will have on your room! I strongly recommend the Ficus if your house palette is of earthy shades. This indoor plant is two to four feet in height, which means that you may want to put it in a spacious spot. Putting it in a spacious spot will enable easy convenience in watering the plant too. Yep, this one’s a guzzler as compared to other indoor plants. It needs regular watering.

3.Chinese Evergreen

 This plant requires zero maintenance and grows well in low lit areas. If you have places around the house that have less light – maybe like near a stairway or near a closet, the Chinese Evergreen will do the trick to add oomph to a bland space. It has dark green and silver colored leaves. Give it more than 45 degrees Fahrenheit and you’re good to go.

4.Pony-Tail Palm

This mini tree is a little swollen and the leaves protrude from the plant. By protrude I mean, they can go up to six feet in length! Some interesting trivia – As big as it gets, the Pony Tail Palm can store water in it’s trunk for a year! A good idea would be to place this mini tree where you have full length windows since the plant likes direct exposure to light. The beauty of this indoor plant is unusual, but a sure shot conversation starter.

5.Miniature Herb Standard Topiaries

This added a slash of green around the telly. These come in a trio – Serissa, Rosemary and Lavender. My tip – get three sets of all three and place them in different rooms of your house. Make these indoor plants a repetitive, unique pattern in your home. I’m sure you’ll love the mild fragrance of these herbs.

6.Moth Orchid

This plant is a beautiful species of orchid with white petals and small tints of fuchsia. Wait, it gets better. Remember the glow-in-the-dark stickers that we used to stick on the ceilings on our rooms when we were young? Well, the Moth Orchid is just like that! Its buds are moth like gleaming white in the dark. If you’ve been to weddings lately, you must have noticed that the Moth Orchids have replaced Lilies because of their exceedingly beautiful look and easy maintenance. My personal touch is to place these magnificent bell like plants in small pretty baskets. What’s your touch?

7.The Jade Plant

It is a bunch of extraordinary leaves and pink flowers that bloom during the winter. They add a lot of fragrance and attractiveness to your living room. If your family is the type that travels a lot, or if your house is locked often, then this is the plant for you. What do I like about it? Its super low maintenance. This one ticks all the boxes. There’s nothing to think, the Jade plant is my ultimate indoor pick.