Cleaning Your House With Borax

What Is Borax? 

Borax, also known as Sodium Borate, Sodium Tetraborate or Disodium Tetraborate, is a naturally occurring mineral and one of the important boron compounds. The chemical formula of Borax is Na2B4O7 • 10H2O. It is used in detergents, cosmetics, and also acts as an insecticide and a fungicide among its many other properties.

How Does Borax Help To Keep The House Clean? 

1) Pest Control: 

Pests are one of the most notorious creatures that take refuge in our homes. We buy millions of products to get rid of the different kinds of insects and spend a few bucks on pest control at least twice a year. However, Borax is a pesticide and an insecticide, so it helps in getting rid of all these pests that infiltrate your homes.

2) Cleaning: 

Borax is a compound used in most detergents because it removes stains quite easily. Thus, borax can be used directly (mixed with water), to remove dirty stains from clothes, mattresses, pots, pans and almost anything. It can also be added to the detergent that we already use to wash clothes for a better cleaning experience.

3) Fungicide: 

As mentioned earlier, Borax is a fungicide, it kills molds and hinders its growth. Borax powder is generally recommended by doctors too, whenever someone has a fungal infection, it can help to get rid of the fungus from our body.

4) Other Uses: 

It acts as a deodorizer, as it kills the smelly bacteria and minimizes bad odour. So you can make your room, fridge, bathroom, etc., smell better using Borax. It also kills unnecessary parasites, creepers, and weeds that grow here and there, it also helps in softening water and is used to preserve food in many countries.