Do’s And Don’ts Of Crockery Care

After every special dinner, make sure all my crockery enjoys a good night’s sleep.Do you want to give your kitchen babies similar amount of comfort? Borrow some tips.


Use tissue

Don’t use fine crockery in every day dinners and lunches. Since it is usually in storage for a long while, always put thick tissue or cloth between two plates or bowls while keeping them one on the top of the other, so that there is no danger of them breaking or cracking.

Natural drying

After you have washed your crockery by yourself or in a dishwasher, simply stack it in a tray and leave it in the open to air by itself. Come back in the kitchen the next morning and you will see that all your crockery has been self aired without you having slogged to dry it up. This is really the best way to dry crockery without leaving drying marks of a cloth on it.

Use high grade cutlery

And you thought what the connection between your cutlery and crockery could possibly be? There is a huge connection, ladies! Did you know that the friction of forks and spoons made out of low grade steel will increase metal marking on your crockery? It’s not too late – if you have doubts regarding the metal quality of your cutlery, get an alternate set straight away.

Adequate Temperature

Usually keep my running water temperature to about 1400 degree Fahrenheit. Again, not by exact measurement, but it should be lukewarm enough to remove stains. Don’t use very hot water otherwise your fine china might be at risk of cracking up due to the heat. I don’t know why many women think that using extra hot water will add that extra sparkle to the crockery – this isn’t true.


Don’t use abrasive cleaners

Ever wondered why your crockery is left lusterless even after you use the most expensive washing liquid? It’s not in your liquid; it’s your scrubber. Don’t rub your crockery with metal scrubbers and washing brushes as they may leave scratches on the surface. All you need to do is run it under lukewarm water and use your fingertips to rub off any stubborn stains. My take – soak your crockery in soapy water for half an hour before washing.

Don’t mix storage

I love to have as many storage spaces, mini closets and push out drawers in my kitchen as possible. Do you? Keep separate storage space for your crockery. Don’t store your spanking new plates and serving bowls with your regular metal, ceramic, glass or steel utensils. You surely don’t want your pieces of art to bang with your regular guys and get scarred.

Don’t use the microwave

A lot of modern crockery ware is beautifully laced with gold, silver or metallic trims. And sometimes, there is no dishwasher or microwave safe information given at the back. But as they say, it is better to be safe than sorry – avoid placing this crockery in a microwave. Nothing will happen, but from my experience, your trims will start wearing off after two or three uses. You know what happens next – the crockery starts looking ugly!

Don’t wash with other utensils

Last but not the least, whilst washing crockery in a sink, I don’t leave other utensils on the base. Imagine what would happen if your china plate slips from your hands due to soapy water- it will clash with other utensils and break into a thousand pieces. I recommend placing a towel on the base, so that even if something slips, it is unlikely to break.