Decoration Ideas With Wine/Champagne Bottles

Wine bottles have always tempted us. We buy not only to enjoy the taste and flavour of the alcoholic drink but also wish to decorate the expensive wine and champagne bottles as showpieces. We usually decorate the wine and champagne bottles with net fabric wrappers or simply keep them as showpiece in the showcase. There are many ways you can use this waste empty alcohol bottles to decorate the house. All you need is creative skills to use these empty bottles in the right and fashionable way.It is a cheap decor idea. Many housewives use wine bottles to decorate the center table and showcases. You can either use the alcohol bottles to decorate the living room, bedroom or study table. Even interior decor showrooms have used different wine and other empty alcohol bottles to decorate your house without spending much money.Here are some decoration ideas with wine/champagne bottles.

Decoration ideas with wine/champagne bottles are:

1.Centerpiece: The beautiful wine and champagne bottles can be used creatively as centerpieces. Decorate it with glitters, green chart paper and stones.

2.Bottle lanterns: They look great and can add a different colour to the interior lighting. Cut the end of the bottle and hang with a strong steel wire. If you cannot hang, use it simply to cover the candles.

3.Painted flower vase: This is one of the simplest ideas to use wine or champagne bottles for decorations. Paint with flowers and you have a flower vase ready.

4.Decorated flower stand: Dry flowers can be best decorated in empty bottles. Stuff the bottle with pebbles and colourful seeds to bring a special effect.

5.Dining table centerpiece: Make your dining table look decorated with a black wine bottle. Decorate with net fabric wrappers and stick with petals.

6.Bottle, a gift: Gifting a bottle of wine or champagne is nothing new. Decorate the bottle to make it visually attractive. Use bows to make it colourful.

These are the decoration ideas with wine/champagne bottles.