Economical Curtains And Blind Alternatives For Window Decor

If you feel washing and maintaining curtains to be a difficult process? Try the other economical alternatives. Even blinds are very expensive, they get dirty or the dropper gets damaged, that is it, there is no use of them.One way to get rid of these problems is going for easy and economical options. Take a look to know what are the budget alternatives for curtains available in the market.

1.Cane Curtains: Bamboo blinds or cane curtains are the best natural alternatives. They need not be washed, don't get dirty as fast as curtains, match any decor, zero chemical and maintenance, pricing is very reasonable. The straws are wound like blinds and require dusting once in a week. They smell bad or catch fungus when damp so better if not washed. These curtains are environment friendly and look very beautiful. They are available in colours like green, brown and yellow.

2.Tinted Windows: Or if you are not keen on buying external covering to your windows you can get the glasses tinted so that the light penetration is reasonably low. The windows do not heat up rooms. During the day they glare while in the dark only the lighting is visible.

3.Screen With Wooden Frame: A jute mat with a wooden frame can also be a curtain alternative. Jute is natural and is also not too out of budget. They can be coloured or kept natural. Very eco-friendly and light. These type of screen originated from the folk artisans as they wanted their windows to be covered with a stiff covering and not get blown away with wind.

4.Carved Wooden Separators: Carved rose wood or teak wood separators are generally used to split the rooms (incase if the room is living cum dining room). The separators are portable and can be used to cover windows accordingly. The carving add to the window decor and is also a nice interior design ideas.

5.Growing Big Potted Plants On Window Shelf: Having an indoor garden makes the room look green and pure air friendly. The window shelves can have big potted plants that cover it up to a good length. There are many advantages with the idea, it is low cost, plants get good sunlight, ambiance is green and beautiful. Only thing that the decorators need to worry is placing and emptying the plates below the pots so that the excess water doesn't seep in.

These are the economical curtains and blind alternatives for window decor.