Flower Vase Decorations For V Day To Know

A flower vase adds colour to your home decorations. Valentine's day decorations can be simple yet look romantic by just adding a flower vase in your bedroom. To make the flower vase look more beautiful and colourful, here are few decoration ideas for the romantic valentine's day.

1.Flowers: Red roses are ideal for valentine's day decoration. Use red roses and sprinkle little water to make the them look fresh and lively. Add few white or yellow coloured roses to set a contrast.

2.Ribbons: Red ribbons are basic essentials for valentine's day decoration. You can implement this idea on flower vase too! Just make a bow and use gum if required to set the design. You can even tie the rose stalks with the red or white ribbon.

3.Glitter: Sprinkle glitter around the flower vase or draw a heart with the glitter on the table and then place the flower vase in the middle of the heart. Another way to use glitter for valentine's day decoration is by designing the flower vase. You can make small hearts or simply sprinkle little shimmer on the rose petals.

4.Pebbles: Colourful stone pebbles are stylish and can be easily used to decorate flower vase. Just cover the base with pebbles and then put the rose stalks.

5.A note: After decorating the flower vase, attach a note with a romantic text to attract attention and impress your valentine.

These are the flower vase decoration ideas for valentine's day.