Gardening Tips For Indian Climate To Know

Indian climate is very diverse. Some areas experience extreme weather conditions where the winters are very cold and summers are very hot. Some areas experience moderate weather conditions where the seasons are moderate with slight monsoons. Some areas experience a dry climate, here the monsoon rains are meagre and there are arid lands all around.With the diverse climatic conditions, gardening and garden care becomes a little difficult. Every plant has a sustainable quality for different Indian climates.Here are some gardening tips for Indain climate.

1.Selection of the plant: The first gardening tip for Indian climate is the selection of plants. The plants, shrubs or flowers selected for your garden should be compatible with the climate of your area. It is pointless to choose a water requiring plant in an area which has dry climate. Similarly, it is not fruitful to choose a temperature sensitive plant in an area with extreme weather conditions.

2.Fighting abilities: Indian climate is unpredictable. Therefore, a good gardening tip would include use of plants which have high resistance to climatic conditions, diseases and soil conditions. Use plants that are sturdy to survive every climatic challenge thrown on them.

3.Easy to care: When using plants for gardening, chose such plants that have minimal maintenance. Indian climate varies drastically in every area. High maintenance plants are tough to grow as you need to put in a lot of care for the plants. Also, the survival of low maintenance plants is much higher than high maintenance plants.

4.Water: Water is the basic necessity of plants. Chose a plant with minimal water requirement if you live in an arid or semi arid regions. Chose a plant which can survive with excess water if you live in a wet area with heavy rains. Water should be provided to the plants according to their needs.

5.Sunlight: Sunlight is needed for the growth of plants. Whatever climatic condition you are living in, you must make sure that the plants in your garden should be exposed to sunlight for a minimum of 3 hours in a day. This is an important gardening tip for Indian gardens.

6.Seasonal rotation: Use seasonal plants in your garden to enhance the soil fertility and maintain quality of plants. Change plants according to their suitable seasons. This gardening tip is good for people who can regularly change their garden plants and have ample time to redo the garden every season.

These are the gardening tips for Indian climate.