Home Decoration Ideas With Flower Vases

In every house you will come across a lot of fine antiques, painting and of course bright coloured carpets which make your dwelling look magnificent. When you have all these accessories in your home, there is one thing you should definitely add in your living room or bedroom to make your home look all the more beautiful. Any guesses? It is a vase filled with fresh or artificial flowers. There are different types of flower vases you can choose from which will add to the beauty of your home. From antique flower vases to simple glass ones, they both will add beauty to your home. These flower vases will look beautiful only if you add your favourite flowers in it.Here are some types of flower vases to decorate home.

Home decoration ideas with flower vases are:

1.Hint of gold and blue: This beautiful gold, blue and white flower vase can be placed in your garden area or in the portico of your house. You can place wild flowers in this vase which will go well with the painting too.

2.Bamboo vase: Many would call this bamboo flower vase as an antique because of its look and old appearance. Flowers which are yellow in colour will be best suited for this bamboo vase.

3.Bird vase: This is one of the best and unique flower vases which is in the shape of a bird. The bird flower vase can be hung in your living room area near a roof light. It can also be placed outdoors.

4.Green designer vase: If you are looking for something on the more sophisticated type, this is one of the flower vases for home decor.

5.Handmade vase: There are lots of people who opt for homemade vases. This is one of the ways in which you can try be eco-friendly.

6.Gold brocade vase: You should keep this flower vase against light so that it looks beautiful and elegant when the light passes through it. Red roses should be kept in this gold brocade vase.

7.Clay vase: Looking for something simple, then this is the best choice for you. This clay vase is best suited for kitchens.

8.China vase: Elegant and seemingly beautiful, this china made flower glass vase should be placed on the center table of your home.

9.Triple flower vase: Designed with pictures pertaining to soldiers, this is one of the best flower vases for those who are patriotic.

10.Piper vase: The piper vase is one of those unique vases which is ideal for homes that have a lot of antiques. You can place only single roses in each pipe.

11.Fish bowl: Creativity is at its best when it comes to these flower vases for home decor. For these type of flower vases, you can place mixed flowers or uniform flowers too.

12.Colourful vase: Beautiful and delicate is what describes this flower vase best. This colourful vase can be placed in your living room or in the side table inside the bedroom.

13.Nature vase: Decorated with wine coloured money plant leaves, this is one of the best types of flower vases to be placed at the entrance of your home. Having a vase like this will bring in lots of wealth.

14.Stork vase: Flowers with long stems can only be placed in this stork vase. Some of the flowers which have long stems are carnations, dahlias and gladioli flowers.

15.Art vase: If you are an abstract art lover, you will surely love this type of flower vase. You can only arrange long stem flowers in this vase.

These are the home decoration ideas with flower vases.