How To Make Your Bedroom Cosy In This Monsoon

Bedroom is the most intimate place in the house. It is a room that gives you tranquility after a hectic day at work. It is the place where you can forget your stress and just lie down. All in all, it is your gateway to serenity. Simple changes can make difference to the feel of your bedroom. Bed, right shades on the wall, lighting and furniture add to the allure of this comforting room.Many like to keep the look of bedroom simple, whereas there are others who do not mind adding something extra to make the room look cosy. Simple things such putting comfy pillows and a warm quilt will drastically improve the aura of the bedroom.Her are some ways to make your bedroom cosy.

1.Neutral Wall Shades: Right hues on the bedroom walls brings drastic change to its look and feel. Paint these walls with calming and soothing colours such as grey, beige, tan or cream. For more relaxation, you can opt for light aqua green shades and pair it up with lighter ceilings. This is one of the effective tips when choosing cosy bedroom colours.

2.Layer Up: Plushy blankets and soft pillows is all you need for your winter bedroom. And who does not like fluffy blankets and comfy pillows during cold weather? They instantly add cosiness to the bedroom. This is one of the important tips for cosy bedroom.

3.Curtains: Curtains insulate room and trap the heat bringing cosy feeling to the bedroom. Go for medium to dark shades for thick curtains this winter. You will definitely feel a sense of warmth in your bedroom.

4.Warm Lighting: Give your bedroom a subtle warm glow with small lamps with low-watt bulbs. Place them either on the front walls or on the sides of the bed. It will give a relaxing effect to the room.

5.Less is More: It might seem hard for many but keeping minimal things in the bedroom creates room for positivity and calmness. Make your bedroom clutter-free. This should be followed not just for the floor but also for the walls. Avoid putting more than one or two wall pieces. Same goes with the furnishings. You must follow this tip for a cosy bedroom.

6.Single Chair: In winter, you seek for comfort and relaxation. What's more better than snuggling up in a comfy chair in the dead of winter? This is one of the effective tips when choosing cosy bedroom chair.

7.Pleasant Scents: If you are looking for something more relaxing and soothing for your bedroom, do not hesitate adding some fragrance to it. Choose warm scents such as cinnamon, chocolate and spice. You can either get them in spray, potpourri or candle form.

These are the ways to make your bedroom cosy.