How To Make Your Home Look Romantic For Valentines

Many software professionals would like to celebrate valentines day at home as they think that it is private and peaceful. They wouldn't want to stand in queues to have a meal, wait in traffic jams and see a 'sold out' board in the theaters. At home, they have the freedom to do what they want so here is how a couple can make their home romantic for valentines day.

1.Living Room Upholstery: The eye catching piece of your living room will be the furniture and window upholstery. Make it red (or shades of red) so that it gives a feel of romance.

2.Coffee/ Centre Table: Purchase a beautiful bouquet from a florist and arrange it on the table. This will give a sense of freshness to the room and makes it look special.

3.Lighting: You can switch on the yellow lights and turn off too bright fluorescent lights (white lights). The yellow lights provide the necessary warmth to the living room and hint that you are looking for something big for the day. Candles can also brighten up and beautify your living room decor.

4.Surprise: You can camouflage the surprise gift by placing a big cushion or a stuff toy in front. When the right time arrives, say it with flowers, gift and songs.

5.Aquarium: The newly bought couple fishes can decorate your fish bowl signifying that the room is decorated for just the two for valentines day.

6.Television: Play all the romantic movies to make him get into the mood and ask him for a dance. He will definitely feel entertained with the red hot ambiance.

7.Other tips: Simply make a bow using a red satin ribbon and stick it on all the small showpieces. This makes it look brighter and better.

These are the ways to make you home look romantic for valentines day.