Innovative Ideas To Decorate Bay Window To Know

A bay window is a window space that projects from the main wall of a room and creates a unique shaped bay on the inside. Bay windows are usually used in contemporary homes as a part of innovative and stylish home decor ideas. Decorating a bay window gives a unique charm to the entire room along with an explicit view of the outside area.Bay windows not only adds character to your room, but also provides more natural light and gives a unique and gorgeous view of the picturesque surroundings. In this modern and changing world, as people are using architectural ideas to bring outdoors inside the room, bay windows provide an excellent home decor concept in bringing the nature inside your room. Bay windows come in rounded, rectangular or polygonal shapes and you can choose it accordingly to your floor plan. Miraculously, decorating a bay window attractively and wisely can blend the functionality with modern interior design.You can efficiently utilize this space into a creative and wonderful place to read, work or to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.

1.Build A Window Seat: Putting up a window seat with inexpensive carpentry is the best way to convert the bay area into a dramatic centre-piece that could actually enhance the interiors. You can make it more attractive by adding decorative pillows and cushions. Window seats provide additional seating as well as a hidden storage facility.

2.Choose The Right Window Accessories: As bay windows themselves add more charm and elegance to the interior, there is no need to use any extra window accessories like venetian blinds, laces and curtains. If you are concerned about your privacy, consider installing some stylish rollings or Roman shades that are simple and appealing. Uncovered bay areas will allow plenty of natural light in the room and gives breathtaking views of the surroundings.

3.Use Café Window Panels: Place the pressure bar half way up the window and hang a pleasing and elegant curtain panel. This allows the natural light to enter through the upper portion of the bay window and gives required privacy. Also, avoid hanging swooping valances and heavy, gaudy curtains as they all will give a formal look to the space.

4.Consider Well-designed Furnitures: Decorating a bay window with trendy and stylish furnitures is a good home decor practice to enhance the minute interior details of the room. Go for some simple and beautiful small furniture pieces so as to make the space more comfortable and attractive. Place a bookshelf near the bay area and convert it into a cosy and calming read area. You can even create a breakfast nook if it is near the kitchen.

5.Placing House Plants: Decorating the bay area with house plants gives a refreshing feeling and warmth to the room. House plants give a splash of colours and bring lots of fresh air to the room, thus complementing the picturesque surroundings. Try to avoid big plants that may block natural light from entering the room.

These are the ideas to decorate bay window.