Know The Best Indian Plants For February And March

Gardening in India differs with the seasons. While some flowers grow well in a particular month, there may be several others which bloom beautifully in other months.It is very necessary to make sure that you know which flowers to grow when so that you are aware of the pruning, trimming and cutting seasons as well. Gardening is not just about planting and watering. Plant care depends on a whole lot of things including seasons.February and March, the months when winter is about to end in India and spring is all set to begin, is the perfect month to grow any plant or flower. It will bloom well before the summer begins so that you are ready for the other parts of gardening.But, before you proceed with gardening, you need to know the best plants that will grow during these months. When you grow the plants in the right season, you will spend less time maintaining them and more time enjoying a beautiful garden.Here are some Indian plants to grow in february and march.

1.Bulbs: Bulbs are the best flowers to plant in February. They are described as the growing season flowers which will bloom during this month. If your ground permits you can even plant the bulbs that will bloom during fall seasons. The whole idea is to plant the seeds for bulbs during February so that the bulbs can bloom during the spring season. Spider Lily, Canna Lilies etc. are the ideal blooms to be planted during February in India.

2.Crocus & Snowdrop Flowers: You will see that in Asia and in India specially Crocus is planted during March. These are the best plants to plant in March. The bulbs of this plants are planted during March and are allowed to grow during the Fall season in August. Yes, they bloom late but should be planted as early as Spring.

3.Crown Of Thorns: This is basically an American wild plant which is planted during February in India. You will need to plant the sapling after you have found the perfect soil to plant it. It needs a mixture of sunlight and shade for it to bloom well. You will need to maintain patience till it blooms perfectly.

4.Lilies & Daffodils: Many of you just love lilies and daffodils and love it when someone gifts you these flowers. How about growing them in your own garden? Lilies are the best plants to plant in March as they begin blooming somewhere around autumn. The reason being March is when spring begins in India and you will find that plants grow easily in this month.

5.Roses: If you want roses in your garden, get the right soil and plant it in your backyard during the season of March. Make sure that you water it pretty frequently and give it adequate amount of sunlight that is needed.

6.Carnations: Who does not love carnations? If you love these annuals, carnations are the best flowers to plant in February as it becomes mildly warm in this month. It will take roughly 12 weeks for these flowers to bloom after they are planted in February.

7.Fruit Trees: Some of the major fruit trees should be planted in March in India for it to grow and blossom in a few weeks. The growing season is ideal for these plants and will spring to beautiful growth in weeks. So, fruit trees are best planted in March.

These are the best Indian plants for February and march.