Know The Best Sofa For Your Home

Often we choose a sofa set out of instinctive likes or dislikes. The best sofa for your home is not the one that you like that first glance. You need to do a lot of research before you actually buy the sofa. You need to think about the finer aspects, like how much effort and money would be required to maintain the sofa you are buying. Buying a sofa set is usually a long term investment, so you need to make sure that it lasts for at least 5 years.Her are some tips to know about the best sofa for your home.

Best sofa for your home are:

1.Wooden Sofa: There is no question about its durability but it is a little high on maintenance. Good quality wooden sofas will last you a lifetime if you maintain them properly. You need to protect it with wood polishing and anti-termite treatments periodically. Moreover, it can fit into any home easily. You need to revamp the wood polish every 5 years. Wooden sofas are expensive (Rs. 25,000 and more) and the cost depends on the amount of wood used in the frame.

2.Cane Sofas: Just because cane is a softer material as compared to wood or metal, do not think that cane sofas are just fancy. They will last you for generations if you do not cause any physical damage to them. Maintenance is almost nil. You need to just it and apply a fresh coat of varnish every 2 years. These sofas are best in terms of price. You can get a nice set for 10 to 15 grands.

3.Rot Iron Sofas: Wine it comes to maintenance and cost, then iron sofas are the best. They look chic and cost the lowest. You can choose a nice sofa set within Rs 10,000 that will last for at least 10 years. The polish doesn't wear off easily and they are not very prone to physical damage. If you move around a lot, then buy a metal sofa. It is the best for transportation.

4.Leather Sofas: Authentic leather sofas will be expensive but they are also durable. Make sure that the couch is made of real leather and not rexin or artificial leather. Leather is difficult to maintain; you need to clean it only with a leather cleaning solution. They are also bulky and not easy to move around with. But nothing can beat the the classy look and comfort of a leather couch. Buy it when you settle down for life in a house. If you maintain it well, it will last for a long time.

5.Fabric Sofas: This is the most 'in' kind of sofa these days. If you choose this sofa, you have many advantages. Firstly, you can select the fabric you want for your sofa. Secondly, you can team it up with wood, metal or cane for the frame. Thirdly, you can keep changing the sofa fabric every couple years because it is cheap and your sofa will look new again! Easy to maintain as all you have to do is take off the covers and wash them.

These are the best sofas for your home.