Know The Best Ways To Water Plants In Summer

When the sun is shining bright and your plants are slowly starting to die, then there is something wrong. People often complain that the sun is way too hot for the plants to survive even though water is poured into the pot when necessary. You should know that there are some ways to water plants in summer in order for them to beat the heat.Regular watering is essential for summer bedding plants, vegetables and even for normal potted plants. However, too much of water can cause an early plant death which is a common mistake made by new gardeners. One of the ways to water plants in summer is to make sure that the water runs down to roots.When it comes to watering the plants, there are no hard and fast rules to be followed because the judgment depends on the type of plant, soil, climate and weather.Here are some ways to water plants in summer.

1.Concentrate On The Root: When you water the plants, be sure to moisten the entire root zone. Pour the water slowly and wait for the excess water to come through the drainage hole. Concentrating on the root is the best way on how to water the plant in summer.

2.Drain The Water: Do not allow the pot to sit in water. You need to make sure that the excessive water is drained out. When pots sits in water, it will keep the soil in the pot too wet, which then allows the plant to sag and die.

3.When To Water? One of the best ways to water plants in summer is to do it early in the morning or early evening. If you water your plants too late in the evening, the foliage will tend to stay wet all night. This wet foliage will lead to breeding ground for insects.

4.The Best Water For Plants: Use waste water that is left behind after preparing vegetables. This waste water contains all the natural fertilisers and proteins necessary for your plant to live longer.

5.The Tool: The best way to water plants in summer is to make use of gardening tools. Use a soaker hose instead of a sprinkler to water your garden.

6.Channel The Water: Help channel the water to the roots of some thirsty plants. You can bury a flowerpot with holes in it so that the water will soak down into the soil.

These are the best ways to water plants in summer.