Know The Kitty Party Decoration Ideas

Kitty parties are one of the best ways to increase one's socialising skills and also spend some happy times with friends. Kitty party is usually organised and attended by a group of women. It is a way to increase social activities and strengthen friendship bonds among women. Neighbours and friends gather together at one of the woman's house every month and they all have a gala time together. Apart from gossiping and chatting, women in kitty parties also play games and entertain themselves with other activities. The concept of kitty parties has become popular among housewives who use it an excuse to spend time with their friends instead of getting bored at home. It is ideally organised at noon, when the ladies are free. As it is a day party, kitty party decoration is also considered important.

Here are some simple kitty party decoration ideas that are simple and pocket-friendly as well. You can simply decorate the most important places of the house like the living room and the dining table which will be in focus. Simple decor items like a centerpiece, flowers, and candles can be used for decorating the living room. Similarly, you can use some fine cutlery for decorating the dining table. Even bright coloured table mats which blend with the theme can add a special touch to the decorations. Here are some kitty party decoration ideas that can be used even at the last minute.

1.Flowers: It is one of the cost-friendly decor idea which can make the place look bright and colourful. Spread the aroma of colourful flowers. You can sue them as a centerpiece on the center table of the living room or in the dining table.

2.Centerpiece: A centerpiece can add a different charm to the decorations. Use colourful candles, neon coloured cups, flowers etc as a centerpiece on the living room center table.

3.Fine Champagne Glasses: Kitty parties of ladies mostly have alcohol in the menu. So, make sure you have some fine and well shaped champagne and wine glasses for raising toasts.

4.Cutlery: Parties are incomplete without food. So, make sure you use nicely designed cutlery which blends well with the theme of the decor.

5.Dining Table: Decorate the dining table with a centerpiece, matching table mats. Wrap the napkins beautifully and place the spoons and forks with style.

6.Sofa: The party is mostly going to be in the living room. So, decorate the sofa with stylish cushion covers.

7.Chandelier: A chandelier adds class to the living room decor. So, try this kitty party decoration idea for an elegant feel.

8.Rug Mat: Cover the bare floor with a matching rug mat that goes well with the theme of the living room. If you are confused then pick up black or plain white rug mat.

These are the kitty party decoration ideas.