Know The Simple Ways To Improve Soil In Your Garden

Fresh green leaves, blooming flowers, buzzing bees and the taste of fresh home produce – all this sounds so heavenly. However, in the urban lifestyle, such pleasures are far from achievable. But there are some people who still look to bring about some greenery in their lives and homes. While trying to maintain a green patch at home, the quality of soil often starts deteriorating. You need to improve the quality of soil in your garden. Plants take away great deal of nutrition from the soil. This gradually leads to the soil losing its fertility. In such conditions, a new seed will not be able to grow well as its source of nutrition will be less than perfect.Gardening tips suggest employing methods to enrich the soil in the garden on a regular basis. This will help subsequent plants to get ample nutrition for growth. And this garden could be either your open ground garden or an enclosed one on your balcony. You can make use of some very basic ingredients found in your kitchen.

1.Egg shells: The nutrition we derive from eggs is unbeatable but what about the shell? The shells end up in the garbage bin. Start saving those egg shells to give your soil that nutrition boost. Grind the shells to a fine powder and sprinkle on to the soil. The shells are full of calcium and help improve soil in your garden.

2.Epsom salt: Soaking tired feet in Epsom salt water is a regular practice. We can make bath salts out of them too. But do you know how useful a fertiliser they are? Epsom salt contains magnesium and sulfur in a quick absorbing form. You can add it to the soil in its granular form or dissolve it in water and spray it on the plants.

3.Vegetable scraps: Any idea why the load of garbage is increasing on the planet? There was a time when all kitchen waste was converted into valuable compost. This not only helped improve soil in your garden but also helped the earth rid itself off a great amount of garbage. Every bit of vegetable and fruit scrap that comes from the kitchen is valuable for the plants. If you have the facility and space, you can make compost out of them or else use them to enrich your soil.

4.Coffee grounds: Ground coffee granules are devoid of flavour and taste and land up in the garbage. Next time you have coffee waste, throw it or rather put it into the soil in your garden. Coffee not only helps enrich the soil and give nutrition to the plants but also plays a role in keeping slugs and snails at bay. It is also known to be a cat repellent.

5.Tea leaves: Similar to using ground and used coffee granules, you can utilise tea leaves too. Rinse used tea leaves and add to the soil in your pot or in your lawn. It would be preferable to add the leaves to outdoor plants as indoor ones can develop mold. This is another product of nature that can be reused to enrich the soil and have a better plant growth.

These are the simple ways to improve soil in your garden.