Know The The Best Paint Colours For Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be considered as the heart of your house, as it reflects your personality. The colour of your kitchen has a great role in determining the overall look of your home. It can also have a great impact on your mood when you enter your kitchen. It is an old idea to have a plain cream wall with brown cabinets, yellow curtains and red mat. Now, in 2014, it's all about having an inviting kitchen that's clean, fresh, and colour-coordinated. Everyone wants to set their rooms, including the kitchen.If you are looking to add some instant vigour to your kitchen, a change in the colour theme will be a perfect option. The colour that you select for your kitchen should be powerful enough to change the look of your house. The ambiance that you get while entering a well-painted and arranged kitchen cannot be replaced by anything else. So, before selecting a particular colour, it is a good idea to take a little time and effort to do some research on it.While selecting the best paint colours for your kitchen, it is important to consider the lighting, position and space of your kitchen. Here are some options to select the best colours to paint a kitchen.

1.Green: Adding some green is the latest trend while setting a colour theme for the kitchen. Green is one of the best paint colours for your kitchen as it is a gratifying and pleasing colour. Light green and lime green will be the best colours to paint a kitchen.

2.Ivory cream: Ivory cream is one of the best paint colours for your kitchen, especially if your kitchen is not very spacious. This colour will help reflect light and will make your kitchen look more spacious. 

3.Red: Red is a wonderful option to use in your kitchen. The power of red when combined with white or black makes it one of the best paint colours for the kitchen. You can select the combination of your choice and make your kitchen stand out.

4.White: If you are a person who is particular about keeping your kitchen neat and clean, there is no need to think further to select your kitchen paint. Nothing will beat the supremacy of white in keeping your kitchen beautiful.

5.Lemon yellow: If you prefer to have a colourful kitchen, one of the best paint colours for your kitchen will be lemon yellow. This bold and bright colour will spread its radiance by its perfect accent shade, making your kitchen look stunning.

6.Grey: Grey is one of the best paint colours for your kitchen if your house is in a contemporary style. This will keep your kitchen simple, but elegant. Since grey is a neutral colour, you can make a theme contrast with any other bright colours.

7.Pumpkin orange: For house, flats and apartments, pumpkin orange makes one of the best paint colours for your kitchen. This colour is very attractive and pleasing to the eyes. This warm shade of orange will make your kitchen look a bit different.

8.Blue: Any variations of blue become acceptable while considering a colour theme for your kitchen. Light blue is the most commonly preferred colour for the kitchen that is not so spacious.

9.Brown: If your kitchen has light-coloured floor and cabinets, nothing will beat the beauty that a chocolate brown wall adds to it. Brown is a colour that is quite relaxing for your eyes. Select any shade of brown that suits the look of your kitchen.

These are the kitchen paint colous to try.