Know These Bad Living Room Decor And Design Ideas

At times we tend to do something different for our living room decor and end up making it look ugly. All these days we were discussing on what are the musts for your decor but today we will talk about the must nots. Living is the prime room of your house as all the major activities take place in the area. Let's take a look to see how people can actually ruin the look of their living room adopting a few ideas.

1.Lack Of Planning: The biggest mistake one can commit while coming up with living room decor is lack of planning. Buying things, painting walls, trying to fit in old things without a proper design will make the living room look very clumsy.

2.At The Cost Of Fashion: Just because a popular store came up with a modern design furniture, one cannot get it home. The planner needs to think if the new furniture could suit his room and match his space. The seating comfort, material quality all need to be considered. Even the acessories need to be choosen with interest. Just filling spaces with lamp shades and shelves cannot be a good living room design.

3.Forcibly Matching Old With New: May be you a few old accessories that you want it to be in the room all your life but plan the design matching with old. Go for ancient or traditional living room decor designs. Do not mix and match architectural designs.

4.Simply Matching Things: You like pink, start buying things in the shades of pink, such an expensive idea. Instead try to use colors that blend well to your room length and shape, window placements, natural lighting etc.

5.Inconsistency In Choosing Things: Bigger art works for smaller walls, tiny mat for the lengthy flooring, too many things in a small living. These are all the common bad living room decor ideas.

These are the bad living room decor and design ideas.