Know These Benefits Of Bees For Your Garden

Noticed a beehive in the backyard of your home, just where the garden is? Trying to find ways to get it removed? Well, most of you tend to fear bees and beehives. The moment you see one of them, you try to get it removed by calling an expert for help or using some of the traditional means. But, what you are actually doing is probably getting rid of one of the natural pollinators from your garden. You are ruining the natural means of getting your garden finely built.

Bees are pretty dangerous, as has been told many times. But, did you know that beekeeping can make your garden look absolutely splendid. With minimum effort, you can make your garden all colourful and vibrant. They provide good ingredients to your plants for growth. As against wind pollination, on which most of your gardens are dependent, bee pollination works better. With less maintenance and no effort, you get the whole bloom ready in your garden. So, why not introduce those bees in your garden and let them hum along with the butterflies to make your garden a vibrant place to live in.Here are some benefits of bees for your garden.

1.Introduction To Bee World: There are three varieties of bees: the social bee, the solitary bee and the bees that are somewhere in between these two varieties. Social bees live in a community, as most of you are aware of. Here the Queen bee lays the eggs while the worker bees take care of it. In case of the solitary bees, after mating, the female bee would lay eggs in the individual nests they have constructed and starts providing for her.If you get these bees in the backyard, you are not only providing for pollination of your garden but also giving a certain hum and vibrancy to your garden. You just provide the bees with the basics and, there your whole garden is a colourful affair.

2.Nutrition Needs of Bees: It’s a whole symbiotic relationship between bees and flowers. You need to grow some wild flowers, which are absolutely no effort flowers in your garden. They will provide the bees with the necessary nutrition. These bees in turn will pollinate the whole garden in such a way that they grow well and strong. Make sure you grow native wildflowers as they don’t require much effort and are absolutely great with bees.

3.Water Needs: You can offer good sources of water like bird bath or dripping faucet. Slow drip is the perfect way to source your water as they would give out a ready supply of water to the bees and other pollinators. You can even create a small pond for the bees and other pollinators to source their water from.

4.Safety Needs: Organic natural forms of pest control are essential for the safety needs of the bees pollinating your garden. Make sure you use the pest control made from ladybird beetles, dragonflies and praying mantises. This would provide well for your bee garden.

These are the benefits of bees for your garden.