Know These Best Gardening Tips For Planting Seeds

Today, people are involved in a lot of gardening. More than a hobby, it has become a passion, a way to de-stress and the best form of exercise as well. However, when you are doing gardening, the first thing you should do right is planting the seeds.There are many people who often are unaware of how to plant seeds in a pot, tray or even in a cup. When you plant seeds in containers, you should know the soil you are planting it in. No matter what kind of plant you are growing, planting seeds is the basic knowledge you should have in gardening.Here are some of the best gardening tips for planting seeds.

1.Plant Seeds In A Pot: Planting seeds in a pot is easy. But, if you want your plant to grow well and to have best results, you need to plant the seeds not too deep into the pot. For vegetable plants, seeds need to be planted at least 2 inches deep into the pot. For fruits, one and half inch is more than enough to plant your seeds.

2.Plant Seeds In A Tray: Trays are flat, so it requires more soil. The more soil in the tray, the more seeds you can plant in. However, you should know which types of plants are suitable for a tray. This is the best gardening tip for planting seeds in a tray.

3.Plant Seeds In A Cup: Small plants are well-suited for a cup. Fill half the cup with wet soil and then place the seeds over it. Make sure that the seeds are not buried into the soil, not even half way into the cup as it can wither away from lack of oxygen. The seeds need to be planted over the soil in the cup.

4.Plant Seeds In A Garden: This is the easiest spot to plant seeds. All you have to do is reach into the soil about a metre in depth and place the seeds. Make sure to gently cover the seeds with a little more soil and pat it over using the palm of your hands. This indeed is one of the best gardening tips for planting seeds.

5.Plant Seeds In A Glass Jar: A glass jar is a little too delicate for you to grow plants in. For tiny plants like the pea plant, the glass jar is appropriate. Fill the glass jar with three-fourth soil and place the seeds in the middle of the jar.

These are the gardening tips for planting seeds.