Know These Essentials For Bathroom Decor

Three places in the house needs special attention when it comes to home decor. Bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. These places in the house reflect your personality and cleanliness.Here are some essentials for bathroom decor.

Essentials for bathroom decor are:

1.Bathroom mat: This is one of the most important essentials of a bathroom. A bathroom mat should not be slippery and must have water suction quality to avoid accidents. Bathroom mat cleans the feet and also prevents dirt from entering the bathroom and sticking on the tiles.

2.Towels: A bathroom should have a clean towel every time. You can keep towels in the towel rod or roll them and keep on the dry basin slab. Instead of using white towels, go for dark colours which can be cleaned easily and are colourful too! You can use designer towels. Always fold them before hanging in the rod. If you are rolling the towels, keep a small flower over it to spread the aroma.

3.Mirror: Every bathroom decor should include a mirror. You require a mirror while shaving, bathing and dressing up! Beautiful designer mirrors are available in the market to help decorate the bathroom. Prefer fog free mirrors and place it above the wash basin or near the shower.

4.Multi-purpose stand: This is an essential of any bathroom. You require a stand to keep your toothbrush, room freshener, toothpaste, shaving kit, body wash or soap etc. You can’t keep such stuffs outside as it looks dirty and attracts attention.

5.Telephone: To avoid missing important calls, keep a telephone connection in the bathroom. You can use beautifully designed telephones to hang on the bathroom walls. Telephones for bathrooms are waterproof and can be easily used. Choose a long wire phone which can be extended for your comfort.

These are the essentials for bathroom decor.