Know These Home Decor Items For Indian Festivals

On festivals, you will come across Indian houses that are decorated with beautiful ornaments which enhance the warmth and love shared by its family members. India is a country which is rich in great number of festivals and Indians enjoy decorating their home in the most stylish ways. There are certain ornaments which is compulsory for an Indian home to have to commemorate a festival.For example, on Diwali which is known to be the festival of lights, you will see a lot of Indian homes decorated with small diyas. On the festival of Pongal, you will see many Indian homes decorated with sugar cane and so forth. Likewise, there are a good number of festivals which give us the opportunity to make our homes look extra special and beautiful.Here are some home decor items for Indian festivals.

Home decor items for Indian festivals are:

1.Lamps: For every Indian festival, the main decor item you will need is a copper lamp. The lamp is lit after kumkum and prayers are offered to God. On some occasions like Diwali, one can also use earthen lamps.

2.Kumkum: Red powder or kumkum is placed on the puja thali and then applied on the idols of the god or goddesses.

3.Coconut: The basic home decor item for an Indian festival is coconut. After you offer prayers to God, the coconut is broken while reciting a mantra, or during the puja.

4.Chawal: White rice on a puja plate signifies the abundance of food you bring into the home. This is a must decor item for Indian festivals. When a bride is welcomed into her husband's house, she softly kicks a cup of rice which symobilises her bringing in bountifulness and prosperity into her new home.

5.Haldi/ Turmeric: One of the basic home decor items for Indian festivals during a puja is haldi/turmeric. Turmeric stands for purity and is also a cleansing agent.

6.Flowers: You will not fail to notice beautiful flowers strewn in Indian homes during a festival. Marigold, jasmine and Lotus are some of the common puja flowers which areused to decorate homes for Indian festivals.

7.Kalash:The kalash is a copper pot decorated with fresh five mango leaves and a coconut. The swastika is drawn on the coconut using kumkum. This is a common home decor item used in Indian festivals, and it refers to the cycle of life.

8.Rope Lights: Rope lights are used to decorate the puja room with grandeur. Beautiful rope lights add brightness to the home.

9.Agarbarti: On a puja plate, you will see long scented sticks which is commonly known as agarbati. These sticks are lit before you commence a puja and its aroma is circulated around the house. The significance of the incense sticks is to ward off evil spirits in your home.

10.Rangoli: You will not fail to miss the beautiful designs of rangoli decorated outside every Indian home. The rangoli stands to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi into your home.


These are the home decor items for Indian festivals.