Know These Home Decoration Ideas With Teddy Bears

Teddy bear day is more a kid or a teenage celebration than couples. This special day can be a family day as both (the youngsters and aged) will like to play with these toys at home. You may have a good collection of teddy bears at home and may not be too sure about their placements.Here are some home decoration ideas with teddy beras.

1.Kids room is the ideal place for teddy bears. They can be placed in the crib/ on bed, best showpieces, can also decorate study/ computer table, even hung from a ceiling or attic or can even sit on chairs. Teddy bears give an innocent and cute look to the room. It makes the room look positive and cosy.

2.For a teenage girl, it is a good toy to decorate. Along with the pinks she can have teddy bears on her corner bedside tables. If she is got a dressing table, glass wardrobe or a rocking chair, the bear can be the item for decoration. If they are gigantic, they can be on the wardrobe or on floor mat.

3.One of the cushions of your sofa set can replace a teddy bear. The soft toy looks nice on furniture and creates a homely ambiance. The idea can be implemented for living room decor.

4.Laminate your teddy bear in a water resistant, transparent cover. The sealed bear can be placed the utility space or a bath area. Clip a room freshener so that it makes the room aromatic and sweet.

5.If you place bouquets on your dining table, you can make the teddy bear hold it or place the bear in the flower basket. This makes the dining table look special and beautiful. Teddy bears can be placed near potted plants. They are good fillers for places that are empty and boring.

6.They can camouflage places where the tiles are chipped or cracked, hide laundry bags etc. You can even decorate toys (teddy bears) with your old pet dresses or baby dresses for the vintage look.

These are the home decoration ideas with teddy bears.