Know These Ideas To Decorate Farmhouse

Getting away for a fun-filled, relaxing weekend is a top-priority for many of us. It would add more to the fun if we could simply drive away to our own farmhouse! Having the same comforts of your home, and proper farmhouse decoration, would make your farmhouse an appealing place to live in. Decorating your farmhouse has the advantage of more space, both in and around the house. So, with a few farmhouse decorating ideas you could make your weekend country house a great place to stay in.Here are some farmhouse decoration ideas to know.

1.Have your farmhouse built at an elevated level. This would enable you to enjoy views of the exteriors such as garden, lawn, etc.

2.The ceiling of the farmhouse should be very high. This allows very good ventilation and also brings in natural light.

3.Choose vibrant colours to paint your farmhouse. Oil-based colours are a better option, as they give a country feel to the decor.

4.Visit the flea and antique markets when you are planning to furnish your farmhouse, so that you can select an interesting variety of furniture. Antiques give a comfortable feeling to your farmhouse decor.

5.Indian handicrafts, braided rugs, antique candle sticks, chandeliers, embroidered pillow cases – all these and more can be added while furnishing your farmhouse.

6.Add copper ceilings to your kitchen, as they give a classic Victorian feel to your kitchen. Use laced napkins and table cloths on the dining table, they too add to a country feel.

7.The lawns and garden are the main highlights of a farmhouse. Create a natural waterfall or place a fountain to add to the look of the garden. Idols of elves or dwarfs are a great way to decorate your garden and make it a fun place for your kids to be in.

8.Outdoors have to be well-lit in a farmhouse. Although make sure that the lighting is not too harsh. Add furniture in the pool or barbeque area to add more to your farmhouse decor.

These are a few basic home decor ideas that help in decorating your farmhouse. Though you will be visiting your farmhouse only once in a while, you do it to unwind and relax.