Know These Summer Flowers For A Colourful Garden

Summer is already here and it is time to fill your garden with the seasonal plants. Summer flowers can change an entire look of your garden. These colorful flowers not only add colour but also spread the aroma in your garden that can be worth watching. In the evenings, you can relax in your balcony or garden and look at the blooming summer flower plants.There are many summer flowers that you can plant this season. Marigold is a classic summer flower that is commonly found in almost every summer garden. They grow easily and do not require much maintenance. Similarly, sunflower is another summer flower plant that can add a different glow to your garden. The summer flowers thrive the summer heat and blossom throughout the season.Here are some summer flowers for a colourful garden.

Summer flowers for a colourful garden are:

1.Balsam: This annual flower plant can be planted in the early summer though the flower will bloom only in mid-summer. The flowers are very similar to gardenias, roses or camellias and comes in white, pink, rose, and red colours.

2.Dahlia: These huge colourful flowers can add a different glow to the summer garden. The plant can survive in hot summers. Just make sure you plant them under light sun shade.

3.Gladiolus: The star-shaped beautiful flower comes in red, blue, green, pink and yellow. Add some different colours to your garden with this star shaped summer flower.

4.Marigold: This summer flower plant will bloom from mid-summer and continue until frost. They smell great and can be used to decorate your house.

5.Oleander: This is an easy to care summer shrub. The flowers comes in pink, red, purple, lilac, yellow, and white colours. Oleander is very poisonous so, be careful.

6.Potentilla: It is one of the most commonly grown summer flower. The plant grows very easily and bright yellow colour can make your garden look colourful.

7.Smoke bush: The pink plumes and foliage makes it a different summer flower. Plant this summer flower in well-drained soil and under full sun.

8.Summersweet: This summer plant has spectacular flowers and aroma that can drive you crazy. Plant summersweet in moist soil under full or partial shade.

9.Hibiscus: It is one of the most widely grown flowers that strive throughout the year. You can plant different colours of hibiscus flowers to get the perfect summer garden.

10.Sunflower: Sunflowers are one of the easy to grow plants that can thrive and bloom in the hot scorching summer. Plant them in summer so that you get to enjoy the summer blooms in winter.

These are the colourful flowers for a summer garden.