Know These Tips To Grow Tomatoes In Winter

Tomatoes are one of the most eaten fruits in the world. The juicy red fruit is used as a main ingredient for many delicacies throughout the world. The taste and flavor of a tomato is a little tangy and sweet. The peak season of growing tomatoes is during the the summer season. Tomatoes need w warm environment and plenty of sunlight for growing. Winter season is not favorable for growing tomatoes. During winters, the tomatoes available in the market are mostly grown by using chemicals or hybrid technology. They do not have the natural taste of tomatoes.During winters you can try to grow tomatoes in your backyard garden. Growing tomatoes during winters is a tough job. A lot of precautions need to be taken when growing tomatoes during winters. There is a lot of hard work and efforts required to grow tomatoes during winters. But it is not very hard. You will enjoy growing tomatoes during winters. The taste of the freshly harvested tomatoes would be worth all the time and efforts you put in.Here are some tips to grow tomatoes in winter.

1.Lights: Tomatoes need a lot of light for growing. The sun light during winters is not sufficient for tomatoes. Tomatoes need ample of light at least when in the initial stage. During this time you may use artificial lights over the saplings for 10-12 every day. Adequate exposure to light would increase the growth of the plant. Once the plant matures from the sapling stage, shift it in the garden area that receives good amount of sunlight. You do not need artificial lights if you are growing your tomatoes in a green house.

2.Soil Heat Content: Tomatoes grow better in a warm and heated environment. The soil is not so warm during winters. To provide warmth to the plants cover the soil with any insulating material. This should be done at the preparation stage. Ordinary plastic sheets can also be used as an insulator. The plastic sheet helps to retain the heat in the soil. This helps grow tomatoes during winters.

3.Deep burial: Tomatoes need a warm environment to grow as mentioned above. Therefore, bury the saplings deep in the soil. Allow only the top leaves to penetrate out. This would help you grow healthy tomatoes during winters. When using this method, do not plant the saplings very close to each other. There are chances that the plant growth can be restricted or inhibited due to congestion.

4.Strategic Mulching: The mulch layer used in Kitchen Gardening for increasing the soil fertility should be done strategically at the right time when used for tomato plants. Mulching improves the soil quality but at the same time reduces the heat from the soil. During winters when the soil is not so warm, tomatoes would find it hard to grow if the soil is covered with a mulch layer. To avoid this mulching should e done after the plant has grown to a good level. Avoid early stage mulching for tomato plants.

5.Grow Varieties: There are many varieties of bush tomatoes. Use 3-4 varieties at the same time. Tomatoes are very sensitive to temperature and surroundings. By planting a lot of varieties you may be able to identify the variety that is suitable to the natural conditions of your area.

These are the tips to grow tomatoes in winter.