Know These Tips To Plant Tomatoes In Your Garden

Tomatoes are amongst the healthiest of fruits and are also known to grow extremely well in gardens. In fact, tomatoes that are grown at home have a higher nutrition content besides being impressively rich in flavour. In this article, we look at a few facts relating to growing tomatoes in your garden. It is important to understand certain facts about growing them in order to get a good idea of what to do.Here are some tips to plant tomatoes in your garden.

1.Tomatoes have a long growing season. This is the first thing that needs to be kept in mind. So, while initially planting the seeds, they have to be grown for a minimum of three or four weeks indoors before being take outdoors.

2.The seeds need to be grown in small pots about quarter of an inch below the surface. The temperature shouldn't be extreme either. A plastic wrap on the pot( loosely) will help in providing enough moisture so that the seeds germinate.

3.Next up is the soil. For tomatoes, the soil definitely has to be moist. It shouldn't be all too soggy though. Also, a slight degree of warmth is required. You can use your water heater for this purpose.

4.Once the seeds have germinated, the next requirement is that the shoot be taken to a place where there is abundance of sunlight. Also, make sure you fertilize the seedlings in order to keep pests at bay. Remember to use a water soluble fertilizer.

5.Tomatoes are plants that need to be gradually taken outdoors. They wouldn't be used to extreme wind conditions or external weather conditions when they are indoors. So make sure you adopt a calculated procedure in this regard.

These are the tips to plant tomatoes in your garden.