Know These Uses Of Dry Rose Petals In Home

Rose is one of the favourite flowers. The flower of love and romance can be grown at home or bought from the market. One rose or a bouquet of roses can add a different look to the bedroom. Red, the colour of romance and rose's aroma can increase the sensuality of the couples. Enhance your emotions and express them by including roses in your house.Maintaining rose stalks can be really difficult. Every other day you have to replace the drying rose with a fresh one. You can have the mood and energy to do this for a week or month. But, after a span of time, you will become lazy to change rose stalks regularly.Here are some uses of dry rose petals in home.

Uses of dry rose petals in home are:

1.Pluck out petals from different rose colours. You can also go for just one colour. Depending on the wall colour and room theme, pick up a roses.

2.Drop the rose petals on the paper towel. This absorbs the water dews from the petals and also remove insects that hide inside.

3.Microwave the rose petals for 2-3 minutes. When the petals dry, take them out and let it cool. Spread on the paper and leave in an open room (where there is no breeze) for a week.

4.When the rose petals dry, just use them for decorating your centre table or decorate glass bowls with these petals. You can also spray some essence or rose fragrance.

5.You can Take a small bucket and fill with dry rose petals. These are also available in the market and can be used as a showpiece for side tables.

6.Potpourri is a combination of dry rose petals, few spices, herbs and nuts like cardamom, sandalwood, rosemary etc, fruit peels of orange or lemon and essential oils. These are sealed in a container and can be used to decorate your house. You can even open and spread them in a bowl. Keep these bowls in different corners of the house. Spread the aroma of the flowers and fragrance of essential oils in the house.

7.Pressed flower photo frame is unique. You will seldom see such pressed rose petal creations in any house. Use a different frame paper to press petals. You can also stick rose petals in the frame.

8.Rose is the colour of love and romance. You can spread dry rose petals on the side table beside the bed. They look good and enhance the beauty of your interiors.

These are the uses of dry rose petals in home.