Know These Valentine's Day Party Decoration And Games Ideas

Organising a valentine's day party? You not only need some items for party decorations but also need to plan the arty for the best entertainment. To organise the valentine's day party, here are few ideas and games to have a blast.

1.Red lighting: As it is valentine's day, red, the colour of romance should be used as a theme for this eve. Don't make it too bright with only red lightings. Also use white lights to set a contrast.

2.Hear shape: This shape is ideal for any valentine's day decoration. You can use heart shaped balloons, cushions on sofa or bean bags or hang hearts made with craft papers.

3.Rose petals: To make the valentine's day party special, use rose petals. You can make hearts or cupid strike or just write 'Happy Valentine's Day!'

4.Candles: Floating candles can be a nice centerpiece for the valentine's day party decoration. Red coloured floating candles or scented candles can add to the party decoration.

5.Valentine's day party games: Cupid: Play cupid this valentine's day by testing the compatibility of the couples. Prepare some unexpected questions for your friends who are couples.

6.Cross-linking: It is a dance in which you exchange partners while dancing. It is a nice valentine's day game idea to know how possessive your partner is. You can observe your partner's reaction when he/she is dancing with others.

7.Revelation: In this game, you reveal facts which are not know to anyone but you. This is a nice and fun filled valentine's day party game.

These are the valentine's day party and games ideas to know.