Know These Vastu Colours For Your Home Walls

When we build a home, we try to endow with all the positivity and blessings that we can. This is because our home is central to our being. It is the sum total of the energy balance in your life. No matter how busy we are and how little time we spend at home, it is important for us to have the right Vastu colours for our home. Vastu Shashtra is the science of directions and energies. In Vastu Shashtra, there is a play of all 5 elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky. So, the Vastu colour for your home are recommended keeping in mind the energies coming from all the directions.Here are some vastu colours for your home walls.

Vastu colours for your home walls are:

1.White: The ceilings of all the rooms in your house should always be white. This is because white radiates peace, positivity and brings down the temperature of the room.

2.Red: Red is obviously a very bold and blazing colour. It is the colour of energy and passion. That is why, red is an inappropriate colour for your bedroom. You should use red wall colours in your kitchen and dinning room instead. Red is a colour used in many restaurants because it stimulates the appetite.

3.Yellow: Yellow is the colour of intellect and mental faculties. That is why, yellow is the ideal colour for your study or working room. You can also paint one wall of the room in which your kid studies yellow. This is so that their mental abilities are enhanced by the power of the yellow colour. In fact, yellow can also be the wall colour for your puja room. Goddess Lakshmi loves the colour yellow and it will bring prosperity to your home.

4.Blue: The colour of the sky is blue and it radiates serenity. Blue is the best colour for the bedroom where you are going to rest. In fact, any room that faces the West can be safely painted blue.

5.Green: You must have noticed that green is used in most hospitals. That is because green in the colour of healing. So green is a colour that can be used in your bedroom and living room. If a couple is having marital problems, then green is one of the best Vastu colours for their home. Green can also be used in the bedroom of a person who is sick or ailing.

These are the vastu colours for your home walls.