Must-have tools for beginner gardeners

1. Gardening gloves

A sturdy pair of gloves will keep your mits clean while also protecting them from bugs, thorns, splinters and blisters. Water-resistant, breathable and with a long cuff is the best design

2. Hand trowel &. weeding fork

A hand trowel can be used for planting into pots, removing weeds and transplanting plants, and as it’s name suggests, this a weeding fork is for removing weeds.

3. Spade

A spade is a garden essential that can be used for digging, slicing and edging – particularly if it’s squared off.

4. Secateurs

These little shear are good for tidying up shrubs, bushes, plants and for cutting flowers.

5. Loppers

You’ll need a pair of loppers if you have trees and large shrubs or bushes in your garden, as they cut through branches a little easier than secateurs.

6. Watering can

If you plan on keeping any new flowers, vegetables gardens or shrubbery alive, then you’re going to need to water it.

7. Garden Hose

An absolute essential for everything and anything, a garden hose is good for washing the car, watering the garden, cleaning tools and clearing a driveway.