Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

The kitchen is the most important division of everybody’s home. A house is incomplete without a kitchen. A woman spends much of her time in the kitchen, as she has to prepare three meal a day. 


While cooking food, one has to wash vegetables and that’s when you need a strainer. It helps wash away the dust and dirt in your vegetables and fruits, or even when you need to strain drinks.

2.Wooden spoon

Spoons are a must while cooking. The uncooked food in any dish needs to be stirred and once prepared, it needs to be taken out. A wooden spoon makes it easier especially when handling hot dishes.

3.Vegetable peeler

What work does a peeler do? It removes the unwanted skin over vegetables and fruits and makes them skin free.


Whisk becomes an important means when you are working on eggs or cake. You have to whip the cream or eggs to prepare a dish. A whisk works certainly well to carry out such tasks.


Think if you don’t have a cooking pan, what will you cook in? A skillet is not to miss in any condition. It can be used to make a number of dishes.

6.Cutting knives

A knife is the most basic tool of all as it does the primary work of cutting. Knives come in different shapes and sizes. Make sure you have the necessary ones for vegetables, meat, etc.

7.Food processor 

What helps you grind all your ingredients? It’s a food processor. It becomes a necessary kitchen tool when you are cooking.


Squeezing lemons in the kitchen is quite common. Save your time and effort, by investing in a handy squeezer.


Cakes, pizzas and other fast foods have become regular at every home. A microwave is needed to accomplish these things.

10.Garlic crusher

It is a handy machine that squeezes garlic effortlessly. Just put garlic between the cruncher and press.

11.Coffee plunger

Coffee plunger is an easy machine to brew coffee. Every American home is incomplete without this magic gadget.

12.Measuring cups

Cooking means measured combination of ingredients. With measuring cups, you can ensure that your lunch, dinner and desserts are made using the right proportions.