New Tips to Revamp Your Old House

1.Plan well

The first and foremost thing that you need to do before revamping your house is plan, plan and plan! You need to chalk out a plan that includes the estimated time you want to employ to refurbish your house, the budget, the rooms which need to be revamped first and so on. When a plan is ready, half the job is done.

2.Control expenses

Whoever said a beautiful home takes shape only when you pour lots of money on it? This notion is totally wrong. You can take control of the budget by doing simple things like not assigning the revamping task to an interior designer. Instead buy things on your own. Consult a friend before hiring men. Negotiate on their quotation.


This one is on the lines of the budget and the plan. You need to check out if you want to revamp the whole house at one go or want to do it part by part. If you choose the latter option, you must prioritize each room over the other and then start the job. For example, the kitchen should be revamped first or the master bedroom first, the kitchen after it and the refurbishment should end with the living room.

4.Throw out

When you actually begin with the task of revamping, first throw out old stuff. It doesn’t matter if your house is actually big or small, it must look big. The simple way to make it look big is by keeping open spaces in your house. For this, you must first put things which you don’t need out of the house.

5.Do not dump

Many people have this habit of picking up things from here and keeping them there. Eventually, they tend to dump everything in one corner. Days after, it becomes a task to sort these things and put them in their place. Hence, it is important to note, even when your house is being refurbished, keep it organized. 

6.Keep open spaces

As mentioned earlier, open spaces make the house look big, really big. So, whenever you revamp your house, make sure there’s lot of place left on its own. If you wish, you can always fill it up with furniture in the future. Choose cabinets that take less space and store more.

7.Choose your color

No matter how much you spend on the lights or the fixtures, it’s the color of walls which will steal the show. Hence, it is important that you choose the right colors for your house. Choose your favorite colors. Your house must be a replica of your creative side. Use lighter shades to brighten up the house. You may also choose a combination of colors in one room.

8.Furnish well

Choosing the right furniture is also an important point to note. The furniture at your house should not only be elegant but also functional and movable. It should not take up much space. You can go creative at this end. Design your own furniture and ask a carpenter to make it for you.

9.Have a functional kitchen

The kitchen is the most important part of the house, which is used almost everyday. Hence, it is very important to have a functional kitchen. It must take up the least space, yet must be accessible. When the kitchen is compact, it looks stylish.

10.Peep into magazines

If the aforesaid tips still leave you confused, the best way is to peep into magazines that have interior designs, expert advices and house decoration tips.