Night Blooming Flowers That Are White To Know

Flowers are usually identified with their colours. When someone grows flowers, it is with the intention to make their garden colourful. However, the novelty of a white flower is very special. And it is usually the night blooming flowers that are white. If you have night blooming flowers in your garden, then they are mostly white in colour. This is much more than a coincidence.Having night blooming flowers makes your garden a moon garden. This is related to the mythical story of why the night blooming flowers are usually white in colours. It is believed that the moon loves the white flowers because she can see her own image in these flowers. The more appropriate scientific explanation for this phenomenon is that night blooming flowers have to reproduce at night. So they reflect the moonlight to attract insects for pollination as that is the only way for them to propagate.

Having lush and white garden can turn your balcony into a moon walk. There are few things in the world that can stand up to the beauty of a garden in summer when night blooming flowers are in full blossom. It is a sight to behold. So, you can have these beautiful flowers in your garden and watch them bloom at night. 

1.Moon Flowers: As the name suggests, these flowers ape the moon literally. The flowers open up their petals and look glorious as the moon when they bloom.

2.Casablanca Lillies: Casablanca lillies are not always white. You can get light pastel shades of this rare flower as well. However, these lilies are exceedingly rare as they are very fragrant. The lilies are used in perfumes and thus, your garden will smell amazing if you have a few blooms of your own.

3.Evening Primrose: Enough poetry has been written about this flower that blooms at night. It is a simple flower to grow in your garden and often grows in the the wilderness.

4.Water Lillies: Water lillies are very beautiful flowers. They grow in dirty ponds or any tiny water body and are almost always white in colour. All you need is a tiny pool of water to grow water lilies.

5.Night Galdiolus: Galdiolus are usually flowers that bloom late in the evening and they blossom around the middle of summer. These flowers have a spicy fragrance and need lots of rainfall or water to bloom.

6.Brahma Kamal: The mythical Brahma Kamal is a flower that blooms just once in a year. So, this flower has a special significance even in terms of being rare. It is said that very few people have seen a Brahma Kamal or flower of lord Brahma bloom.

7.Dragon Fruit Flowers: This is a Latin American flower that blooms in the spring. This flower starts blooming late evening and by the night, it reaches its full bloom. These flowers are actually cultivated with the fruit but you can prune the fruits for larger and stronger blooms.

8.4 O'Clocks: As the name suggests, these flowers bloom by 4' o'clock and the blooms are usually gone by midnight. 4 o'clocks come in all kinds of bright shades. But the white ones are particularly lovely.

9.Nottingham Catch Fly: This is a beautiful flower that grows in the wilderness. This is a carnivorous flower that eats flies and other small insects. So, it might be a good natural insecticide for your home. Just be wary if you have kids around.

10.Dutchman's Pipe Cactus: Cactii can give you some of the best blooms ever. The Dutchman's pipe cactus is a particularly lovely flower that comes from a cactus plant. It is from the Southern American continent. The fragrance of these flowers is intoxicating.

These are the night blooming flowers that are white.