Don’ts Of Washing Clothes

Don’t rough up your woolens

For starters, use cold water when you wash your woolens. I like to keep my wash and rinse at the same temperature. Yeah and don’t hang dry those woolens – it plays a big role in shrinking them.

Don’t cut corners while drying

The more corners you cut on the drying line, the more you suffer on the ironing board. What’s my tip? Well, I follow two basic rules. One – to always hang clothes as straight as possible on the line. Two – the clothes should be pegged at their strongest points on the seam. Or if you are too lazy or space-crunched, simply use the dryer in a laundromat or of your washing machine.

Don’t shy away from home remedies

You will come across millions of tips on the internet about remedies to remove stains. Recently I came across a blog where I read “Use WD-40 to remove tough stains”Vinegar, starch, petroleum jelly, lemon juice, Epsom salts, borax – all of us have our personal favorite home remedy to those nasty stains. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You never know how such little touches can make your life easier. I personally like to add a little shampoo or a hair conditioner when I wash my woolens. It’s my magic touch. 

Don’t compromise on family laundry rules

Keep saying this to yourself and lay down strict rules in the house. In my house I have laundry rules that cannot be bent. Any clothing item that has not been turned inside out, or unbuttoned, or straightened up before reaching the laundry basket, will not be washed. If you haven’t already made this clear in your home, do it now! It’ll save your time, energy and a lot of hassle.