Stunning Flowers To Grow This Winter


1. Calendula 

Calendula, most commonly known as pot marigold grow well in pots and planters. They are the most common winter flowers and are easy to take care of.They can be found in various colours from yellow to deep orange. 

2. Winter jasmine 

Winter jasmine is an excellent choice for your garden this winter. They are a low maintenance plant which produces bright yellow flowers and they bloom as early as January. 

3. Pansy 

Another common winter flower is pansy that is available in almost all shades of colours. You can grow them in your garden using a different combination of colours. Pansies are low growing plants that thrive well in the shade.

4. Petunia

Petunias are the perfect flowering plants to brighten up your winter garden. The type of petunia that you should be growing this winter is the 'Grandiflora' petunias, they have large flowers and are ideal for planting in autumn and winter. Petunias come in several shades like white, yellow, pink, dark crimson, and black purple. 

5. English Primrose 

These flowers are another good choice to spruce up your winter garden. They come in nearly every colour from white, yellow, orange to blue, pink and purple. English primrose blooms in mid to late winter. 

6. Hellebore

Hellebores can withstand cold temperatures, thanks to its deep growing root system. They are found in a range of colours like white, pink, and purple, to name a few. While growing these flowers hang downwards, which is why they should be planted in a raised flower bed.

7. Camellia 

Camellias can tolerate surprisingly low temperatures in winter, only if they are sheltered from cold winds. Each bloom can last for weeks all winter long. These plants are easy to fit in with other plants in your garden.

8. Winter honeysuckle 

The winter honeysuckle flowers bloom from November to April. The plant produces creamy-white flowers that emit a lemony scent which is enough to make your dull winters interesting.

9. Phlox 

Phlox is another flowering plant that grows in the winter season. With a wide range of colours, it will provide a brilliant display to your garden. 

10. Sweet alyssum 

The flowers can withstand light frost and since they are hardy, they can be grown throughout the fall and winter. The tiny flowers have a subtle, sweet scent.