Stunning Ways To Add Gold Decor To Your Home To Know

Deck the halls of your home with a touch of bling this festive season. During the festival of Navratri, homes are usually decorated with diyas and beautiful ornaments in various colours. This year, gold is the in colour and if decorated in the right way, your home will look fabulous and bright. To this bling, add a touch of bold colours too to enhance the gold tint. To help you decorate your home with this bright colour, Boldsky provides you with some of the best tips. Here are some ways to add gold decor to your home.

1.Golden Candles / Diyas: Golden diyas are perfect to decorate the outside of your home. Opt for bright gold diyas for the living room and dull diyas for the terrace area. If you run out of gold diyas, don't hesitate to use golden coloured candles to bring light into your home. PS: You can also make your own candles by using gold dust and ribbons on white candles.

2.Golden Cushions: Golden cushions are a must add to your living room. Cover your sofa seats with a bold dark shade and have golden cushions as contrast. This look will raise volumes in your living room area. When you have guests home, dim the lights and focus it on the gold cushions.

3.Golden Frames: Rework on all the picture frames in your home. Add a touch of gold to the frames to bring out the beauty in the picture or in the art/ painting.

4.Golden Lamps: Golden lamps should be a must add to your home decor this festive season. Golden lamps with either candles or bulbs would make an ideal feast to the eyes. Opt for dull golden coloured lamps as they shine better once the light is placed.

5.Golden Curtain: If your living room has golden cushions, deck the windows with golden curtains too. It will only add shine to your home décor.

These are the ways to add gold decor to your home.