Tips To Keep Your Wall Clean

1. Dust Your Walls

Use a microfiber cloth to get rid of all those cobwebs, dust and dirt that tend to stick to the walls. You do not need to remove calendars and wall hangings. Remember portions of the wall that are covered do not get very dirty easily. Even when they do, they do not show.  

2. Teach Your Kids Etiquettes 

It is great to know that the lives of children are colourful and watching them colour their lives with positivity is the best treat to the eyes of a parent. However, the wall at home is not their canvas and it is never too early to tell them so. By teaching your children not to write or make marks on the walls, you are not just ensuring that your walls remain clean, but you are also preparing your little ones for the journey of life. 

3. Wash Kitchen And Bath Walls 

Remember that it is the kitchen and the bath walls that are subjected to the maximum amount of torture (all thanks to the steamy showers and the cooking residues). Thus, when it comes to cleaning of the walls, make sure that you start from these. Once you are done, make sure that you dry the same with an old towel. 

4. Make Your Own Wall Washing Soap 

For this, mix a cup of borax with a couple of tablespoons of dish washing liquid and add the same to a gallon of water. This mixture is ideal for the cleaning of painted or designed walls. Its not just cheaper than the ready-made cleaning products that are available in the market, but it is also more effective and cleans off the marks on the wall. 

5. Test Painted Walls Before Washing Them 

If the paint chalks off or you notice some dullness in its finish, make sure that you do not go about washing the same. Also, unless you are considering the repainting of your house in the near future, do not use disodium phosphate, as that may lead to the loss of shine of your rooms. 

6. Identify The High Traffic Areas 

Understand that the entire room may not need your washing all the time. Places like the thermostat and switches are the ones that need more frequent washing. The wall behind the TV or other electronics is another tough spot where dust and dirt tend to accumulate. 

7. Touch Up Damage 

It is inevitable that the walls of the room that you live in will be subjected to some damage sooner or later. In such a case, the best way to avoid long-term damage is to touch up the areas as soon as you notice the first signs of damage. Scrap off the paint from the area where it appears to be damaged. Then, fill in the holes first and feather the paint lightly over the surrounding area. 

8. Computer Match The Paint Colour 

It is inevitable that at some point or the other, you will run out of the original paint. In such a case, the best thing that you can do is to scrap off a tiny portion of your paint by using a utility knife to slice on the wall. You can then take the chip to a paint store that has computerized paint matching facilities (these types of facilities are pretty common in metros and other bigger towns and cities). The computerized equipment shall generate a receipt and the store can use the same to give you the exact shade of the colour that is used on your wall. 

9. Avoid Lead Paints 

One of the most important paths to a clean wall is to avoid lead paints. Lead paints not only make the wall get dirty more easily, but they are also unsafe and invite a number of diseases. The most reliable way to test if your paint has lead is to go for a lab test.