Tips For Decorating Walls With Different Types Of Photo Frames

Photos are much more than just plain images; they are memories and every family consciously or unconsciously end up decorating their home with photo frames. So, why not deliberately decorate frames in an organsied way? All the material will be available in your photo albums either in bulky bind copies or your Facebook account. So you can use inspiring wall design ideas to use all that material in a creative style.Here are some tips to decorate walls with different types of photo frames.

1.Every interior decoration theme has a basic concept behind it. How you hang pictures cannot be just dependent on your whim. Your photograph arrangement must tell a story. Suppose you are trying to portray a happy family; there should the picture of the two parents on both sides and the kids in the middle.

2.Otherwise you can display pictures of all the members of the family according to age in ascending or descending order. Either ways there has to be some logic behind how you hang these pictures.

3.Use different sizes of photos while decorating with frames. If you keep using the same size then it becomes monotonous. Moreover, all sizes of frames don't look good on all wall. You cannot put a tiny 6 x 6 inches photo on a huge wide wall. Similarly a huge photo an a narrow wall looks odd.

4.Use different shapes of frames to put your innovative wall design ideas into practice. You can use, circular, oval, square, rectangular or oblique shapes to make it look interesting. Just make sure that your photograph is enlarged or minimised according to the shape of the frame. Empty white spaces in frames look very unsavoury.

5.You can use frames collages too for decorating with frames. You can use concepts like a 'walk down the memory lane'. Use the oldest and most recent pictures of an individual and tell the story of their transformation in the process. You can use this concept to portray your grandparents in your wall designs ideas.

6.When you enter a bedroom, the pictures on the wall should tell you explicitly who the room belongs to. It should be dominated by the pictures of the person who lives in that room. If not solos then people important in this persons life like friends, cousins, teachers, colleagues can be displayed.

7.A word of caution from the Vastu point of view while decorating with photo frames. It is believed to be inauspicious to have pictures of a happy family in the living room.

8.There is a chance that some unwanted guests who come to your house cast an evil eye on the happiness and bonding of your family. On the other hand it is very lucky to have happy family pictures in the bedrooms because it is your personal space.

These are the ideas for decorating walls with different types of photo frames.