Tips For Planting Cucumber Seeds In Containers

Cucumbers are small cylindrical shaped vegetables dark green in colour. Their skin is usually peeled off before eating. Cucumbers are best consumed during the hot summer days since they help to cool your body considerably. They are also best consumed raw as part of a salad. But, some cucumbers are best if pickled.Many people become fond of this vegetable, especially during the summer and wish to cultivate it at home. This is an admirable idea and easily carried out if you have a garden. But, what if you live in an apartment? The only thing you could boast of would be a balcony. You could grow flowers and some vegetables in pots, but cucumbers are creepers that need some sort of support as they grow.

Planting cucumber seeds outside their natural environment is not that difficult. But, there are some tricks and techniques to getting this right. There are many ways you can cultivate this plant indoors. Here we may discuss about planting cucumber seeds in pots and growing them indoors.

1.Types of cucumber: Before planting cucumber seeds in pots, you need to decide the type of cucumber plant you want to grow. The bush varieties are best for pot planting, but you can also opt for the creeper variety.

2.The container or pot: The container or pot that you select should be quite roomy, at least 12 inches deep. It should contain holes on the bottom for the excess water to seep away. Make sure it is clean before planting cucumber seeds in pots.

3.The soil mix: While planting cucumber seeds in pots, it is very important to have the right soil mix. It should be loose, so that the water will drain through it easily. It should also have a little fertiliser mixed in for nutrition.

4.Stakes for the creepers: While planting cucumber seeds outside in pots, if you have chosen the creeper variety, you will need to construct some stakes for it. Position it in the pot so that it stands straight without support.

5.When to sow: You need to sow the seeds at the proper time, usually in the summer. While planting cucumber seeds outside in pots, the temperature of the room it is placed in should also be taken into consideration.

6.Filling up the pot: Before planting cucumber seeds outside in pots, you need to fill up the pot with the soil mix, so that it is completely packed. But, do not press it in since the water needs an easy path down to the roots.

7.The hole in the pot: For properly planting cucumber seeds outside in pots, make a hole in the middle of the pot in the soil mix at least half an inch deep. You can use your finger, a small stick or pencil to do this.

8.Planting the seeds: Planting cucumber seeds outside in pots means that you need to plant five to eight seeds in the hole. You have to cover it up with the soil mix. Tap lightly to make sure the seeds do not become exposed.

9.Water and sunlight: After planting cucumber seeds outside in pots, properly water it; but do not over saturate the plant. Then, place it in such a way that plenty of sunlight reaches the growing plant.

These are the tips for planting cucumber seeds in container.