Tips To Feng Shui Your Bathroom

A smile comes to your face at the very mention of peace and prosperity. Who doesn't want it in their lives? Water is considered to be a very vital element in feng shui. It hence has to be dealt with great care. Many people therefore consider the bathroom to be a very negative place as water is drained out of its many outlets. But this is not completely true as very corner of your room must seem equally beautiful to you.Here are some tips to feng shui your bathroom.

1.Mirrors: A mirror is a positive sigh for bathroom feng shui as it circulates and speeds up energy. Place a mirror on your bathroom wall so that you can see yourself and get a positive feeling. Be careful not to position it in a place from where you cannot see any water outlet as it water flowing out is a sign of negative energy.

2.Balance Elements: To get a proper feng shui for your bathroom you need to balance the air, water and earth elements. There are some very easy feng shui tips to do so. Keep a flower pot in the bathroom whereby you can see the soil the plant is kept in.Fountains are a very good source of positive energy. Keep a fountain in your bathroom as it will fill the ambiance with positive vibes. The very essence of this bubbling water will make you feel high in spirits and energy.Let the light energy come in through the doors and the windows. Open them up whenever you are not there in the bathroom. This will not only fill the bathroom with light but all bad smell is also be driven away. Also light candles during the night hours if you want.

3.Keeping A Crystal Ball: A crystal ball is a very vital element to keep the feng shui of your home in proper balance. It drives away all negative energy when nothing else seems to work. Hang it from the ceiling of your bathroom for a proper feng shui.

4.Keep It Clean: You need to keep your bathroom clutter free in the first place if you want a proper feng shui for your home. Keep the towels and soap cases clean. Do not allow any dirt to accumulate in the bathroom outlets.

5.All In The Mind: Want feng shui for your home? Well, its all in the heart first. So before planning your bathroom according to feng shui do something that soothes your mind. Arrange for some music in the bathroom. You can listen to it in leisure time and this will relax your mind a lot. You will get rid of all negative thoughts.

These are the tips to feng shui your bathroom.