Tips To Grow Dahlias In Your Garden

Flowers are in full bloom during this season. Dahlia is one of the most popular flowers grown in India during winter. But you must know how to grow dahlias at home properly. You can easily grow dahlias in pots.

Cold climate: 

Dahlias are grown best during winters. That is when the flower blooms to the fullest and appears healthy and beautiful. But they also need a good amount of sunlight. Dahlias struggle in extreme cold.

Soil and water: 

Dahlias are not fussy, so you can plant them anywhere in your garden with a little care. Dahlias grow well in watery soils. But water-clogged soil is not too great for dahlias. Rainy seasons are a boon to plants. But dahlias need extra care if it's raining, as the water must not sit in just one area!


You can grow dahlias in pots. But do not water your dahlias until they have sprouted. You can use soaker hoses to water your dahlias. Apart from that, just like any other plant, you need to water dahlias at least once or twice in a week after it has bloomed.


Are you wondering how to plant dahlias in your garden? If you do, then make sure that your dahlia gets sunlight in abundance, that is, at least for 6-7 hours daily. Morning sunlight is the best for dahlias.


Dahlias require fertilisers that are low in nitrogen content. Make sure that you do not put too many fertilisers or compost to your dahlias. They will not bloom. This is one of the important steps that you need to know when you think on how to grow the dahlia.


Dahlia blooms are quite heavy. So make sure there is a support system to hold them. Ensure that your dahlia grows upright and does not fall off after it is bloomed. You definitely do not want to see your dahlia go off after you gr it with care and attention.