Tips To Grow Rose Flower In Winter Season

Winter season has harsh cold winds and breezes. Plants and shrubs are also sensitive to winter season. The cold and dry winds cause damage to plants as well. Some plants are a lot more perceptive to winter season. Roses, tomatoes, hibiscus and various ornamental plants are examples of plants that are susceptible to cold. Among all the plants, rose plants need extra care and protection from the winter cold. Rose is a very beautiful and dear plant to many of us. Rose plants can be found in almost every backyard garden.Rose plants are delicate and can be easily damages by severe temperature and weather changes. It is essential to protect your garden rose plants when winter sets in. Rose gardening in winter needs extra efforts compared to other seasons.Here are some tips to grow rose flower in winter season.

Tips to grow rose flower in winter are:

1.Cover the plant: Winter winds often cause damage to the rose plants that come in between their direction of flow. At this time, to protect your roses from the dry and parched wind, cover it from the sides. Use a cardboard box or a plastic box to cover the rose plant. This will protect the rose plant from the harsh winds. Keep the top open for the plants to utilize sunlight.

2.Clean the area: Trees and plants tend to shed their leaves in winter season. The garden is filled with dry leaves and stems of trees and plants. Rose plants are very sensitive to infections and diseases. The dry leaves and stems tend to have insect colonies residing in them. Keep the area near the rose plant clean to avoid any infection or parasite development on the rose plant. Cleaning the garden will make the garden look tidy and organized as well.

3.Water: Rose plants become dry and dehydrated in winter season. Water the plant regularly to keep it fresh and hydrated. The roots of the plant would not need to hunt for water deep in the freezing ground if you keep the soil watered. As we all know water is the source of functioning for all organisms. Rose plants also need ample amount of water for growth and flowering.

4.Cover the base: In cold temperatures cover the base of the rose plant with soil and compost. This provides support and warmth to the plant. It is essential to make a good layer that covers the initial part of the stem. This is a good rose gardening tip but needs a little extra effort. If the winter gets more severe, further cover the stem using a mulch layer. You can also make an underground trench to bury the rose plant. Only the top leaves and buds are exposed when the rose plant is kept in a trench.

5.Indoor Gardening: The rose plant can be moved in the house if the winter cold becomes very severe for the plant to survive. The maintenance of the plant increases once shifted inside the house. The advantage of moving the rose plant indoor is that it would receive the necessary warmth and would be protected from the winter winds. Keep the rose plant at some place where there is ample amount of sunlight. You may keep it near a door or window. Make sure it is not exposed to direct winter winds.

These are the tips to grow rose flower in winter season.