Try These Easy Gardens For Small Spaces

There are many of you who live in spaces where gardening is just not possible. We often hear of people who love gardening, but find it impossible to cultivate their hobby in the restricted space offered to them. At such times, it becomes important that you know how to use up the small space provided to your advantage. Urban spaces are small; in fact in some cases you just don’t find enough space to move. Gardening might seem absolutely impossible in such small and restricted space. But, that is not true. A true gardening lover will find a way to pursue the hobby in some way in such restricted space too.

There is the raised bed solution to plant an urban garden. You can even check on the patio you share with your neighbor, and ask them to allow you to use it. Your window sill make up for ultimate gardening space. But, if you still find that you don’t know what to do in that small space, we are here to help you in that too. There are ways to make that small space turn into a brilliant garden.Here are some easy gardens for small spaces.

1.Create a Herb Garden: When dealing with a small space, you need to make ultimate use of that space. Lets say you have a small, 4 ½ by 3 spaced garden space, you can plant a few rosemary plants followed by sage plants to give it the shape and appearance of the garden. You can even indulge in a herb themed garden by including lemon basil, lemon thyme and other lemon based herbs. Maintaining herbs needs watering them once a week that too in such a way that it does not get moisture on its surface.

2.Indulge in Salad Garden: Love cucumbers and tomatoes? Well, you can grow them in that small space you are about to call a garden. You can have cucumbers and tomatoes along with four kinds of bell peppers and green and red lettuce to make a colorful garden for yourself. Let’s say you get only four hours of direct sun to the garden area, you should indulge in greens instead of tomatoes. You can plant spinach, beets, radish etc. You will need to till in lot of organic compost for the plants to grow perfectly.

3.Cutting Garden Style: Flowers are a good way to maintain gardens with small spaces. You can have tall dahlias and gloriosa daisies in your garden. Along with this you can also plant some dwarf cosmos and savlia to enhance and enrich the space of your garden. You can have a lot many planting combinations that would make your garden look colorful. You can plant some pink and purple flowers or some long lasting bloomers to your garden. You will need to suppress the weeds in this case, and this can be done by planting a two inch layer of bark.

4.Shrubs and Cozy: Another thing about gardens in small spaces is that you can plant shrubs and make it appear absolutely cozy. This cozy view will enhance your garden’s appearance. It will not just be your private retreat when you want to sip on some tea but also give your garden the plush view it desperately needs.

These are the gardens for small space.