Vegetable Gardening Tips For Monsoon Season

During the monsoon season, one of the main things that gardeners fear is the stagnation of water and the birth of pests controlling the garden. Gardeners should take extra care of their vegetable garden during the monsoon season because this is the time when your garden thirsts for things to keep your plants healthy, like sunlight which is rarely seen. Gardeners should take a look at some of these tips for a vegetable garden during the monsoon season. It is necessary that you provide in extra hours in the garden when you see that little ray of sunshine. Try to do all your gardening work when there is sunlight, so it gives you time to prepare for the rain.Here are some vegetable gardening tips for monsoon season.

Vegetable gardening tips for monsoon season are:

1.Watering the garden: Gardens require a good amount of water for them to grow in a healthy manner. But due to the monsoon season, make sure that for a vegetable garden there is not too much of water standing in the bed. Cumulation of stagnant water will only lead to thriving of insects.

2.Looking after soil: The soil is the most important aspect in a vegetable garden. If the soil of your vegetable garden is loose, it is a problem. Vegetable garden soil needs to be of medium texture. They should not be loose nor tight.

3.Fertlisers: It is very important for you to compost your own natural fertilisers for your vegetable garden during the monsoon season. In this season, garden beds are more prone to developing moss which may lead to fungal infestation.

4.Weeding: When it comes to a vegetable garden, weeding is important. Make sure to trim your garden during this season as weeds grow easily in this weather. Vegetable gardens are prone to getting lots of weeds because of the soil bed.

5.Pest control: If there is stagnation of water in your vegetable garden, they will welcome pests and insects with a lot of care. Using natural pesticides to get rid of pests is the only way you can not harm your vegetable garden and corrupt your veggies.

These are the vegetable gardening tips for the monsoon season.