Ways That Banana Peels Are Good For Plants

The next time you eat a banana, don't bin the peel, as you can store it for your plants. Did you know that banana peels make a good natural compost for your garden soil? Yes, they are used mostly in tomato gardens to help provide nourishment for good crops. Banana peels are also good for plants which are dying out as they give life to the plant.Once in a while, it is good to throw in that peel in your soil. Just like they provide nutrition to your body, they are equally beneficial for your plants.Here is how you can make use of a banana peel for your garden.

1.Plant Energy: Just like you absorb energy from a banana before a work out, plants need a sort of that energy too. Any plant will naturally absorb the nutrients from the yellow peel in a matter of three days. All you need to do is simply cut the peel in a few pieces. Mix it with your regular compost or you can directly mix it with a little soil too. These yellow banana peels will turn into compost in a few days and automatically start providing your plants enough energy to grow..

2.Spray can compost: You need to chop the banana peel and place it in a spray can. Now pour half a bottle of warm water in it until your can is half full. Allow the mixture to sit for about a week. Make sure that the peels is fermented and water gets incorporated with it. When done spray your plants with the water. This will give them energy and a fresh look too. It is one of the best ways how banana peels are good for plants.

3.Make A Banana Shake: To make a quick compost, blend the peels with a little warm water and when the solution or the shake gets cold, spray it on the plants. This tip on how banana peels are good for plants will make them shine and will also allow let the plant live without source of water.

These are the ways that banana peels are good for plants.