Ways To Convert Any Room Into A Study

Living in a cramped up apartment with little space to call your own, doesn't rob us of our dreams. No matter how small our home is, we still like to do different things with it. The good news is that, it is not just the rich and famous who have a study room in their house. You too can remodel your home and convert any room into a study. So, creating a quiet reading spot or a place where you can work from home is not all that difficult. Different people do different things in their study. Some people make it a mini office in their home, some consider it to be a reading spot. The original use of a study room was to do official work at home and write letters. Reading was usually done in the library as most houses had one. But in the contemporary context, a study can serve as a combination of both.

How will you furnish the study? In movies we are used to seeing plush mahogany wood work and high backed chairs in a study. However, you can decorate it in a much more humble way. The only essential furnishing for this room will be a study table to write on. It can also be a flap on desk if space is a constraint. You need no high back chairs, just comfortable ones. You can make it look cosy with a pair of bean bags and a small reading table. If the study room is going to serve as a make shift library then you will have to keep your book rack here. You can also have shelves built in the wall to place the books.

Where will your study be? You can remodel any room at home to create your own study. If you have a decently large living room then you can cordon off one corner of it to create a personal space. You need not provide partitions for this. You can place a book cabinet or rack in such a manner that it divides the room.

Another idea is to place a couch and a small table in one corner of the bedroom. The table can have all your workstation essentials like laptop, CDs and hard drives. The books and files can be placed on shelves hung from the wall. You can place a rug under this area to demarcate it as the study. You can also remodel any other room in your house to create a study. Even the space under your stairs can or a nicely covered balcony can be a cosy little study room. It is all about proper utilization of resources to remodel your home.